Portfolio Of Work

  • Fiction


    My short story, Mariska and Major, was published in Podcastle, an award-winning fantasy fiction podcast. Mariska and Major is about friendship, grief, and the stories we tell ourselves and each other, over generations. It features two intrepid young girls, a strange carpet, and the moon.
    Available on most streaming platforms. Also find it on Podcastle.org.

    The Sunlight Plane

    My debut novel, a story about childhood, abuse, and friendship that can navigate us through the worst of times. Read more here.

    Lake View Journal

    A musing fusion of prose and poetry, Millennial City Part I – Liquid Girl in a Pink House, is a surrealist portrait of loneliness and the strangeness of big cities. Read it here (Page 91), or check out the image below.

  • Poetry

    Muse India

    My poems were published in the online literary journal Muse India. The poems, The Foolish Dreams of Children/The Kite Maker and Coconut Curry are in some ways about homes: the ones we find, and the ones we make within ourselves. Read them here.

    Stories on Toast

    A commentary on our relationship with social media. Prose-poetry. This was made into a video by Stories on Toast. Watch it here.

  • Non-Fiction


    I spent most of 2019 challenging myself to learn new skills. Those being visual art (sketching and watercolour painting), sewing, and learning a musical instrument (violin).

    This was important to me because I wanted to prove to myself that talent is fundamentally unnecessary to any pursuit. What matters is the hard work. It was a personal experiment that paid off.

    In this essay, published by Storizen, I talk about art and how anyone can create, as long as they’re willing to put in the hours.

    Read the article here.