21: The Lockdown Begins

I've decided I'm going to document these 21 days in complete lockdown. If only for myself. I think we're all living through history, and I know I'll want to go back to these moments when I'm older, when all this is (hopefully) behind us. 

I couldn’t sleep last night. Anxiety kept me awake. Despite the big news from my country, from the world, today seems like any other day. Did some laundry. Drank my coffee. I was tired of sitting in sweatpants again (it’s what I’ve been wearing since this coronavirus ordeal began), so today I put on my best dress and some makeup and it was definitely worth it.

Because I was up last night, I started The Crown. I’ll say it’s for research, and that’s true, but the fact is, Netflix has recommended it to me so many times, that I just gave up and decided to watch the first episode. It’s an interesting show, as far as any show about the royal family can be interesting.

This cat may or may not be a faceclaim for one of the characters in my WIP…

I mentioned research–there’s a monarchy in my WIP, and I’ve made up most of the protocol (heyy, fantasy fiction!), but I’ve been paying attention to the small things, so that I can draw from it. The outfits, the curtseying, the politics, the unnecessary “stiff upper lip” stuff that makes English dramas intense and dull in equal parts. I don’t know how much this is going to help my book, but I’ll at least watch season one.

That’s the plan for tonight.

And I’m making dinner for the family. Looking forward to that.

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  1. I’ve been cooking a lot too this lockdown. One time I made momos ( wheat flour ), yesterday I made katthi rolls. What did you make?

    I never saw shows as your “The outfits, the curtseying, the politics, the unnecessary “stiff upper lip” stuff ” line suggests. I will start doing that! Thank you!


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